Monday, 29 July 2013

Top 10 drawing/sketching applications for PC : 2013

Drawing/sketching is the most coolest art ever. Every time art gets a new direction with changing era. Still there are many online / offline applications for a artist but we have shortlisted the top 10 among the best of the best .
       when you will try any of these below you will love drawing so world news express proudly presents the top 10 :


       The free software interactive vector drawing application christened simply as Skencil is a great option to rely on especially when you are on the lookout for flexible diagram and illustration tools. Some of its major attributes read as transformed text and images, gradient fills, b├ęzier curves, blend groups, ellipses and the ability to write EPS files. Some of the platforms that currently support the software are FreeBSD, Solaris 8, 9, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux. And did we mention that it’s absolutely free to use Skencil?

09#CorelDraw Graphics Suite X6 :

    The vector graphics editor known as CorelDraw Graphics Suite X6 makes its way next into our drawing software roster. It ports along a whole slew of great tools that allows you to create works of art, all on a virtual canvas. Some of these features include professional graphic design tools, website design software, content-rich images and fonts, and photo-editing capabilities.

08#Paint.NET :

     One of the best free apps you'll ever find, Paint.NET offers you loads of powerful tools and special effects in an intuitive interface.

07#Sketch Master :


    One of my personal favorites. Create sketches out of any photo. Use one of the many brushes provided or just let the random settings generator come up with a sketch for you.


      A free drawing tool that offers a wide range of brushes and layers and can load up plugins. Accessible to beginners.

05#Google Sketchup Pro


        Easy to use yet very powerful, it lets you create realistic 3d models. Good for architects and field planners.

04#Facial Studio :

       You can use this tool to quickly draw up anybody's face. Just scan a portrait, let Facial Studio analyze it and you'll then be able to change anything from the skin texture to chin, nose or hair.

03#OpenCanvas :

          When we talk about art & sketch and...This is more of a sketching app. With lots of highly realistic brushes it is a unique and beautiful thing. The program is very similar to Photoshop it uses layers & offers  friendly interface easy for newones to handle OpenCanvas.

02#Manga Studio :

        Do you ever wanted to recreate Ranma 1/2, Dragonball Z or Astro Boy or like these bla..bla..bla..? Now Create your own anime with this Manga Studio, which has more than 3,200 screen tones and 90 different templates.

NO1#Toon Boom Studio :

                    Toon Boom Studio is an animation program. It's easy to use if you know how it works. You just need to have Toon Boom Studio, and a draw tablet. I only explain how you can make a simple animation, but on the internet there are hundreds of websites about Toon Boom Studio. Its totally Aimed at people in the animation industry & this program lets you create cartoons in the cut-out way with motion paths.

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